How do I invite photographers to cover my event?

First you need to create an event. Upon creating an event you will have the option to invite photographers via their email addresses. Go to your album page and create the event there, or click on the green football.

Can I upload more than 50 images?

Yes, however, you will only be able to upload 50 images initially but as soon as you get to invite a new photographer to pixaller, you will get 50 uploads more, which will be automatically added to your account! Plus, for each photo that you sell, you get 20 additional uploads! :)

How do I earn money at

The prices of your images/pictures are entirely up to you. Since uploading images and creating events is free and is not ad supported. To be able to maintain our website, we have a 30% transaction fee for each picture sold.

What are banners?

Banners are 2000px X 500px images that you can upload that will be visible when people visit your profile page. You can create poster like images to advertise your service and products using banners. if your images are bigger than 200px X 500px we automatically cut it to size.

How do we protect your images from theft?

Aside from a copyright notice, we protect your "semi-large" and medium visible images by putting a light, hard to remove watermark on them. YOUR FULL SIZED IMAGES ARE NOT ACCESSIBLE TO THE PUBLIC. Full sized pictures can only be downloaded when the photograph is purchased. The copyright of the images sold via PiXaLLer is limited to personal use only UNLESS EXPLICITLY SPECIFIED OTHERWISE by the seller/photographer.

What is "Disqus"?

Disqus is the commenting solution that we use to enable users to moderate the comments on their own albums and profile page. To turn on commenting for your account please signup to disqus and then click on "add disqus to my site" or go to and on the site name/"my blog" field put put any name you want the comments on you account to get, then use the "unique" name and add it to your account. Exclude the "" part of the unique name.

What is stripe? Is it safe? is the company we use to process credit cards. The transaction is using secure SSL protocols. They are one of the leading providers for credit card transactions online. Some of its prominent customers are the makers of the pebble watch, the guardian etc. More at

What is the purchase terms agreement?

When you buy a picture in you are allowed to use them for your own personal purposes, printing, posting on Facebook etc the copyright will still belong to the photographer/owner. Unless explicitly indicated by the photographer/owner or on the image you can use images for commercial purposes. You need to agree to this via the "agree" check box on checkout. Failing to do so will cancel the purchase transaction.